Leroy and Richards Automotive history

Leroy's Automotive was established in 1975,  with the vision of one great man : Leroy Winkler,
who for  31 years worked hard at being the Best, at his Trade, and for all those who had the
pleasure of knowing this wonderful man, will testify that he accomplished that goal, Thus
Building a Repair shop, that to this day still has that  Reputation of being the Best in it's  Field
. .

Soon  after Leroys  passing, December 15th, 2006 , his protege,"Richard Irwin Barton III",
took over the company and has continued to work hard to keep the "Good Reputation", of
being the "Best  and Most Honest", Mechanic, that he was taught to be by his wonderful
mentor/teacher, Leroy Winkler.

In Honor Of Leroy , Richard has worked hard to keep Leroy's name and memory alive by
keeping the name "Leroy" Attached to the name Leroy and Richards Automotive

This company has and will continue to be a friendly place with great customer service!
A place where Family's can rest easy knowing that they will be given the best and most
honest service for generations to come.

We would like to personally  thank the customers who have continued  their service here and
have trusted us to take care of all your Family 's repairs . We hope that each of you feel as
though you are family to us here at Leroy and Richards Automotive

In Loving Memory of "Leroy James Winkler"
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